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Our Horses
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About Our Horses

Our Equine team currently comprises 4 horses and 7 Ponies of Various breeds including stock horses, quarter horses, welsh and shetland ponies along with a couple of mixed breeds with heights ranging between 10hh - 14hh.

Horses come to the Goulburn Centre in numerous ways, either as a long loan, gift or purchase.


A lot of effort and research goes into selection of the right RDA pony as they need to have the intelligence and the ability to conform to the RDA (NSW) way and especially to look after and enjoy our riders.



Sponsorship is available annually at the RDA Goulburn Centre.

Helping to care for a horse at the RDA Goulburn Centre helps us to continue our service of providing horse riding therapy for people living with disabilities in our local surrounding communities.

If you would like to Sponsor a horse at RDA Goulburn please Contact Us to discuss.

You will receive a certificate including a photo of ‘your’ horse and it is tax deductible.

Sponsorship Opprtunities
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